Non-governmental comprehensive organization with its staff in Gjakova – with Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian and Albanian community and also with a category of persons with special needs, whereas in Prizren provide the above mentioned communities there are also Turks, Bosnians etc.

This Organization is known by the acronym “Arena” – Future European Youth in Activism and it is a new organization which is certified by the NGO department in republic of KOSOVO on 5th of February 2018.

The idea for its foundation was old and it was founded with the aim to contribute the advancement on raising the conscience of the citizens through three fields: Media, Youth and Technology, and then, furthermore, aiming to promote city activities and participation in social processes, advancement of position of the youth, persons with special need, women and communities, on decision-making processes.

Also, to offer free trainings for technology of information, to organize tables and meetings in connection with the advancement of the youth, the women and communities on decision-making processes.

To publish brochures and magazines regarding the technology of information. Research in the field of media and communication. Cooperation with other associations, local and central institutions. Some of the activities to be performed by the Arena are:

* Trainings, sessions and different tribunes, documentaries – programs in media, theatrical shows and activities that promote human rights, with a special emphasis to women, children, minority communities, persons with special needs. Trainings and informative sessions around culture and tradition, organization of cultural – artistic, youth and sports programs as well as study visits.

* Offer trainings in the field of communication and public relations;

* Offer measurable results for importance matters in the field of media and communication;

* Public information, education, training, seminaries regarding information technology.

* Creation of software and database for the statistics of the communities (in employment an education etc.)

* Creation of media program for persons with special needs.

Registration No. 5117042-3 • Date Registered: 05/02/2018 • Fiscal Number: 601911797 •

"Edon Gërbani - CEO&Founder"
Str.Fehmi Agani
GJAKOVË 50000,

+383(0)44/66 00 52

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